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Which among the following provision with respect to Sixth Schedule of Indian Constitution is incorrect?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. A State Election Commissioner can be removed from his/her office only in like manner and like grounds as a Supreme Court judge.
2. Independent persons and not government employees can be appointed as State Election Commissioner by the Governor.
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam was of international attention a few years back. It was a militant organisation based in
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Anti-dumping duties are tariffs levied on imported goods to offset subsidies made to producers of these goods in the exporting country.
2. Countervailing duties are levied on goods that are imported at a substantially low price.
3. Countervailing duty is different from anti-dumping duty as the latter is imposed inorder to counter negative impact of subsidies to protect domestic producers.
Which among the following NATO member nation is not bordered by the Atlantic Ocean?

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