Welcome to your April 22 - ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY

The Bamako Convention is associated with
Recently India was ranked among high performers in Climate Change Performance Index(CCPI). CCPI is published by
Consider the following statements with respect to Green Tax.1. Green Tax will be levied by  central government on personal transport vehicles older than 8 years at the time of renewal of fitness certificate.
2. Public transport vehicles will be charged a lower green Tax compared to private vehicles.
3. CNG and LPG run vehicles will be exempted from the tax.

Choose the correct statement (s).
Which among the following is/are source(s) of ammonia emissions?1. Combustion of biomass
2. Volatilization of livestock waste
3. Vehicular emissions
This protected area is located near to the Deccan Peninsula, upper Gangetic plain and semi arid regions of Gujarat Rajputana reflecting the influence of three bio-geogeographic regions. River Ken flows from south to north through this area. Recently this area was included in World Network of Biosphere Reserve under MAB Program.The above passage refers to

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