Welcome to your April 13 - MODERN INDIAN HISTORY

Which among the following acts where introduced by Lord Curzon?1. Indian Universities Act
2. The Punjab Land Alienation Act
3. Calcutta Corporation Act
Consider the following statement(s) with respect to Wardha Scheme of Basic Education.1. Bal Gangadhar Tilak proposed this scheme for the all round development of body, mind and spirit of Indians.
2. According to the scheme, education was to be centered around productive form of manual work.
3. The scheme uphold need for a common language for the nation which should be the foundation of all education.
Which among the following acts were aimed at regulation of press in pre-independent India?
Choose the correct statement (s).1. Although Raja Ram Mohan Roy defended Hinduism against the hostile criticism of missionaries, Brahmo Samaj had criticised idolatry.
2. Revivalist in form, the Arya Samaj sought to revive ancient religion of Aryans and rejected western ideas.
The Quit India Movement was launched in response to

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