Welcome to your April 1 - GEOGRAPHY

Consider the following statements and choose the correct statement(s).1. The Himalayan ranges show a succession of vegetation from tropical to tundra with changing altitude.
2. Tropical rainforest and tropical deciduous forests are found in foothills of Himalayas which is succeeded by tundra at an altitude of 1000-2000m.
Which among the following are the main agents of transportation of seeds?1. Wind
2. Ocean currents
3. Humans
Choose the correct pair.1. Red soil - Areas of low rainfall
2. Laterite soil - Areas of high temperature and high rainfall
3. Saline soil - Semi arid and swampy areas
Choose the correct statements with respect to air masse1. If a cold air mass moves over a warm surface, convectional currents are formed whereas movement of warm air over cold surface causes temperature inversion.
2. Frontogenesis occurs in middle latitudes and not in tropical latitudes.
Which of the following factors are responsible for monsoon in India?1. Northward shifting of ITCZ
   2. Low pressure area east of Madagascar
   3. El-Nino

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