The Union Minister of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences inaugurated the DME fired “Aditi Urja
Sanch” unit along with the DME-LPG blended fuel cylinders and handed them over to CSIR-NCL (National
Chemical Laboratory) canteen use on a trial basis.

 Dimethyl ether (DME) is an ultra-clean fuel.

 CSIR-NCL has developed nation’s first kind of DME pilot plant with 20-24Kg/day capacity.

 The conventional LPG burner is not suitable for DME combustion as DME density is different than LPG. To
address this issue, CSIR- NCL’s “ADITI URJA SANCH” has come up with a helpful, innovative setup. The new
Burner is fully designed and fabricated by NCL for DME, DME -LPG blended mixtures and LPG combustion.

 Salient features of newly designed Burner are:
o The new design is efficient for both DME and the blend of DME and LPG.
o Novel design and flexible air ingress.
o The new nozzle design allows optimum oxygen ingress for combustion
o The angles at which nozzles are placed maximize the heat transfer area across the utensils.
o Optimum flame velocity can be obtained.
o The length of the flame (high, low, and medium) can be adjusted by altering the oxygen ingress.
o The experiment shows that it increases the heat transfer rate as well.

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